A Fire Safety Audit is basically an assessment of a non-residential premises to determine how fire safety is being managed. It is usually pre-arranged, a fire audit is going to include an inspection of relevant documentation and can also involve speaking to staff members to learn their level of fire safety awareness. Fire Audit will highlight potential fire risks around the facility and help determine the best fire protection solution.

If you own, operate or manage a Resort no matter what its size you have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of any person in that resort in the event of a fire or an emergency. The appropriate fire safety solution can mean a difference between a small controllable fire and a disastrous blaze. Resort owners also have a responsibility to ensure building fire safety compliance and that fire safety regulations are upheld. Failing to adequately comply with fire safety regulations can land resort owner in hot water, earning them large fines.

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Your Fire Safety Audit will be organized in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4655-2005: Fire Safety Audits. A fully qualified consultant should conduct a detailed investigation and review of the site-specific fire safety capabilities against necessary criteria of the present regulations and standards.

What to expect from a fire safety audit?


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A fire safety audit is a comprehensive fire inspection of non-residential premises, together with relevant documentation, to make certain that it is being properly managed with respect to fire safety. It will be carried out by a fire safety inspector. An audit can also involve interviews with your staff to check that they are aware of proper fire safety procedures.

One of the most vital parts of the audit will involve reading through all pertinent documentation concerning fire safety, how it is managed and how the staff is kept aware of it. Fire audit may include a number of areas to be assessed depending upon what level of Audit is required. Audits are consistent with AS4655 – Fire Safety Audits and may include:

  • Passive fire protection (walls, penetrations, shutter, doors, etc)
  • Prescribed fire safety installation inspection testing and maintenance
  • Access and egress
  • Adequacy and level of fire safety installations
  • Emergency & exit lighting systems
  • Prescribed training in fire evacuation and emergency plan
  • Evacuation exercises and testing
  • Fire system interface testing to AS1851
  • Alternative solutions management and recording

Fire audits will identify any non-conformances and provide recommendations to resort owners, allowing them to attend to these matters and therefore seek to achieve compliance with relevant legislation.

Fires clearly happen unplanned and unintentionally,  making fire safety especially important. In order to ensure compliance with the correct fire safety precautions, FCF Fire & Electrical Townsville can help Townsville resort by increasing their knowledge and understanding of the appropriate measures taken to secure complete fire safety. With regards to fire safety, planning is much more beneficial compared to damage control.

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