The smoke alarms in a building often go unnoticed until a fire breaks out. Thankfully, these electronic devices can alert people there is a fire in the building so they can escape to safety. Since smoke alarms are proven to save lives, it is crucial home and business owners follow the laws for alarm placement and know how to properly maintain them so they continue working properly. With this information, people can learn more about the rules and regulations for Smoke Alarms in Townsville so they can make sure they are compliant with the law and safety.

What are the Legal Requirements for Smoke Alarms in Businesses and Homes?

The Building Code of Australia (BAC) has set forth specific rules for smoke alarm placement throughout a home or business. The law requires all buildings, Class 1 through 4 to have a smoke alarm or smoke detection system to be installed. Buildings that have more than one story will be required to have a smoke alarm on each floor, regardless of whether or not there is a bedroom on the floor.

BAC rules and regulations also require smoke alarms be placed in any hallway that is near a bedroom. Until the latest law was put in place, there was no requirement for interconnected smoke alarms. With the new laws in place, all new Class 1 buildings that have been built after May 2014 will be required to have interconnected alarms. An interconnected smoke alarm setup is one where the triggering of one alarm sets all of them off so everyone can safely evacuate the building. The interconnected smoke alarms installed must be compliant with the Australian Standard AS 3786 Smoke Alarms.

Existing structures fall under the former laws unless the owner extends the building. If any addition is made to the building, the building is then held under the new law and must meet the compliance rules and regulations that were set forth for buildings constructed after May 2014.

Why Is It Important to Have Smoke Detectors in a Building?

Through advancements in smoke detection, today’s alarms and detectors are highly sensitive and can indicate minute amounts of smoke. Having these alarms present in a building is crucial for ensuring the occupants are able to be alerted in plenty of time so they can escape when a fire has been detected. With Smoke Detectors in Townsville, home and business owners can rest assured they will be alerted should a fire break out. When these alarms are connected to an active monitoring system, the fire department and police are automatically contacted so rescue missions can come out and put out the fire.

Not only is it important for buildings to have the right amount of smoke alarms, it is also crucial for building owners to carry out Smoke Detector Testing. Testing should be carried out every six months to ensure the devices are properly working and do not need to be repaired or replaced. Through testing, building owners can make sure their occupants are kept protected should an unexpected fire erupt.

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