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The team at FCF Fire Protection Townsville are here to help your Business stay Fire Safe. They can help ensure your workplace or public space is legally Fire Compliant so you can get on with what you do best.

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Watch the Essential Video on Fire Protection for Townsville Businesses

Our Services ensure full compliance with all Australian Fire Safety Standards. With us you will get a quality, affordable Australian owned and operated service. Watch the video to see essential fire safety information for every Townsville business owner.

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Fire Safety Services Townsville

Fire Extinguishers

If you are looking for anything to do with Fire Extinguishers, you have come to the right place. Not only can we supply you a range of Fire Extinguishers, we can also install and service your Extinguishers to ensure your workplace is Fire Safe and that you Comply with Legal Requirements. If you are after an all in one solution we also can help you with Fire Blankets, Fire Hoses, Smoke Detectors and more – Basically any and every type of Fire Protective Equipment for your Business.

Electrical Tag & Test

Electrical Test & Tagging (also known as Portable Testing) ensures your important and valuable business equipment does not have any electrical faults. Often fires are started by faulty electrical devices which can devastate your home or business. With our Electrical Tag & Test, we can ensure every device in your business does not have an electrical fault, giving you peace of mind and safe guarding your business against the devastation of an electrical fire.

Fire Compliance

Because we are locals, we understand the needs of Townsville Businesses and Regional North Queensland when it comes to Fire Safety. We make sure you comply with the local legislative requirements so you can get on with running your business. We offer a comprehensive solution to cover every facet of fire safety and Fire Protection Services. So if you need any advice or help to ensure you are Fire Safe, Contact Tom, Luke and the team today.

Fire Protection Townsville News

Why You Should Conduct Fire Risk Assessment for Your Retail Business

A fire risk assessment is a requirement that must be carried out in all workplaces and especially in areas that are accessible to the general public like retail businesses. Failure to comply with this regulations can lead to serious penalties or even imprisonment. As...

Why Should Your Townsville Resort Need Regular Fire Safety Audit

A Fire Safety Audit is basically an assessment of a non-residential premises to determine how fire safety is being managed. It is usually pre-arranged, a fire audit is going to include an inspection of relevant documentation and can also involve speaking to staff...

Importance of Fire Safety Training for Educators

Fire safety training is one of the requirements for fire safety and should be taken as a priority in any school especially for teachers since a large number of children are gathered at one place during class hours. Most deaths and injuries from fires are the result of...

Creating Evacuation Floor Plan For Your Office

Emergencies can occur at any place, any time, at any circumstance. At any rate, a workplace fire can cause panic and get lethal quite quickly. Experience and research have proved that an educated workforce that has been trained for emergency evacuations and office...

How to Implement Fire Protection in a Townsville Hotel

Fire protection and safety is a crucial task for anyone managing a hotel. In order to ensure the safety of a hotel, it's essential that adequate fire prevention measures are actually in place and that enough fire safety training is provided to each employee. Regularly...

How to Make Your Real Estate Agency Fire Compliant

Fire accidents are the last thing you want to happen to your business. While Australian Standards are set out to help you keep the agency running, the best you can do is follow suit. Fire protection is one of the highest priorities in your business so it’s equally...

Emergency Exit Lighting: Why Do Medical Centres Need It

  Emergency exit lighting is one of the underrated safety systems that could actually save your life. In this case, your healthcare facility might just be at risk for lacking emergency exit lighting systems.   Medical Centres cover a wide range of facilities including...

Fire Extinguishers – What Every Business Should Know

Fire Protection for Townsville Businesses

In Australia, 96% of all businesses are considered small businesses, as they employ 20 or fewer employees. At the head of each small business is the leader, generally its owner or manager. Invariably, the person in charge of running a small business wears many hats. There are times when, in the course of a single day, this individual ends up answering the phone, conducting interviews, greeting clients, filing receipts, teaching new employees, tweaking the company website, making deliveries, and possibly even unclogging the bathroom sink.

Some of the hats a business owner or manager wears are more vital than others. One of the most important things that the person in charge of a local business does is to create and execute a Fire Protection Plan. Not only do Australian Standards require it, but as the person in charge, the maintenance of a safe work environment for the business’s employees is one of his primary responsibilities. The Fire Safety Plan for every Business will differ based on a number of factors such as materials used on the worksite, the size of the worksite and the nature of the work.


Formulating a Fire Safety Plan is time consuming given the vast number of considerations that need to be made. Often a DIY approach to Fire Safety ends up not being fully compliant with the requirements and regulations pertinent to the Townsville Region. We have come across businesses that have not met the fire safety requirements. With the threat to Equipment and Lives Townsville business owners cannot afford to neglect fire safety. Clearing away flammable rubbish, installing appropriate fire extinguishers, drafting evacuation procedures and teaching your employees proper emergency protocols are just some of the important steps you can take to ensuring your Business is Fire Safe.

Here at FCF Fire & Electrical in Townsville, we can help you with every part of your Fire Safety Requirements. Contact us today for Fire Safety Advice and Fire Protection Equipment for Townsville and North Queensland.

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